Gamma Exploration is a business unit of the company Transformative Technologies. It focuses on exploration for water, oil and mineral resources by applying new geophysical exploration technologies in Africa and globally.

Transformative Technologies is introducing advanced Western technologies into emerging and frontier markets, and new technologies globally. TT is a Global Business Company based in Mauritius with an international team operating across Africa.


About Gamma Exploration
Vision, Mission, Team & Location
Initial Research
Fracture trace analysis and lineament studies
Radiometric Survey
Finding water and mineral resources with scintillation counters
Passive Seismic
Analyzing geologic structures and determining the depth of geologic features
Software Tools
Highly sophisticated analyses and reports with our toolbox
Water stress & scarcity, impact, track record of water-related projects
Primary Water Theory
The great paradigm shift:
Accessing abundant non-conventional water resources
Evidence of PW
Evidence, latest scientific research & primary water wells in the world
Mineral Resources
Detecting hydrocarbons, Kimberlite pipes and other resources
Range of Services
Clients, customer benefits & business models
Partner Program
How you can partner with us