Water Resources

Exploration for new water sources is essential for sustainable development

Gamma Exploration’s primary target is water. In times of increasing water scarcity, exploration for water resources has become a key element of sustainable economic development and prevention of water crises. Our geophysical survey methods can make a difference in the water exploration business.

Water – the next Big Thing

Water scarcity is probably the most important pressing issue globally. It is said that water will become more valuable than oil, and that future wars will be fought for water.
Physical water scarcity is a huge and increasing problem in the Middle East and North Africa, Southern Africa, South and Central Asia, half of China and Australia, and the Western part of the US. It measures the ratio of total annual water withdrawals to total available annual renewable supply, accounting for upstream consumptive use.
(Map: World Resources Institute)

Economic water scarcity

Economic water stress occurs when the supply of fresh water per inhabitant/year is less than 1700 m3.

Economic water scarcity is reached if the annual fresh water supply falls below 1000 m3 per capita. According to UNO estimates, the number of people forced to live with water scarcity will increase to around 5.4 billion over the next 25 years.
(Map: Uncharted Waters, World Bank Group)


Gamma Exploration contributes to the achievement of four Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Track Record

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Some examples of water-related projects

Germany (many projects)
Salton Sea, California
Crans Montana, Switzerland
Androy, Madagascar

Location of water veins

For property developers, architects and house owners: Which is the best place for raising a building, and which to avoid?

Checking plots of dry land for water resources

For land developers, farmers, ranchers and potential investors: How can value be added to the land?

Looking for thermal water

Found water for a sporting center after prior failures at locations determined by radiesthesia experts

Search for primary water

Extending the water resources in an area lacking of groundwater and having little precipitation