Passive Seismic

Analyzing geologic structures and determining the depth of geologic features and potential water-bearing strata, veins and fractured zones
Passive seismic is based on collecting background “noise”. It is capable of low frequencies at depths exceeding 2000 meters and allows profiling of geologic formations based on density/porosity. Our focus is on near surface targets for “fissure water” and to determine the depth of occurrences.

How it works

We are employing the complementary technology of passive seismic for detailed analyses of areas of interest that have been identified before with the radiometric survey method. Passive seismic is a remarkable “last meter” technology to provide look-down 2D and 3D capabilities as a final check before choosing the borehole site. The work flow is described below.

Draw a survey line

Take measurements

Process the data

Assess and present the results

Case studies

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