Technologies: Overview

Our services are based on applying innovative geophysical technologies that have been developed by inventors and scientists from mainly Germany and the US. These technologies and scientific approaches, respectively, will be described in this section.

Our own IP is Gamma Exploration, while the IP of complementary geophysical methods belong to third parties collaborating with us, either on a general level or project based. The concept of Primary Water is public domain, although very few people understand the huge implications of it.

Case Study: Exploration for Water in Madagascar

This short video (10 minutes) explains the various technologies for detecting sub-surface water and mineral resources and the historic context of our approach. It also provides some insight into a pilot project in Madagascar.

Our methodology at a glance
General sequence of steps
1. Desktop research
  • Sighting of existing geophysical maps, geologic maps and satellite imagery, and gathering historical data
  • Analysis of geological structures; in particular: fracture trace analysis and lineament studies
  • Analysis of historical data (water wells, existing and abandoned mines, oil seepages)
  • Software based analysis of occurrences and trends
Preselection of areas to be surveyed, depending on client’s requirements and budget
2. Radiometric survey
Site visit and radiometric survey, with data processing and interpretation after each step whereby the results of each step will determine the area and scope of the following step:

  • Rough grid, by airplane or helicopter
  • Medium grid, by helicopter, drone or 4×4 vehicle
  • Fine grid, by drone, 4×4 vehicle or foot
  • Drilling point pre-determination, by foot
Identification of anomalies, hotspots, areas of interest
3. Complementary methods
Determination of underlying geological structures and depth of the targeted resource by applying complementary methods, i.e. passive seismic
Detailed picture
4. Final evaluation
Compilation of maps, detailed discussion of the findings, selection of recommended bore sites, recommendation of further action to be considered
Final report to be released to the client